Jason Spector | Strategic Experience Design Leader
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I am a strategic experience design leader focused on

transforming everything into a usable, useful and engaging experience.



Experience Strategy

Research-Based Design

Organizational Leadership

Creative Direction

"Jason gets it. He's a strong advocate for design, and he's able to speak to its value. Jason has a broad view of the landscape of user experience design, and he sees patterns and principles clearly. He values doing things right, and he has an uncommon level of respect for his coworkers' time and talents. Jason is both open‑minded and discerning at the same time. He's a great guy to have on your side. Recommended!"

Anthony Levin‑Decanini, Lead UX Designer at Retrofit

"Jason is an excellent designer with a detailed understanding of user experience design. In addition to design skills, Jason is proficient in the technical side of web design, allowing him to play a much more active role in the realization of web applications than many of his contemporaries. I hope to work with Jason on many more projects in the future."

Constantine Aaron Cois, Software Development Team Lead - Digital Investigations and Intelligence at Software Engineering Institute

"Jason is a very knowledgeable and inspiring person to work with. In our time together, I always could learn something new or gain a perspective I hadn't considered from him. At the same time, he was very open to my perspective and ideas. He was a great team player and worked well within our group. His creative insight and design knowledge are top notch. I thoroughly recommend Jason and his work."

Bob Stoner, Assistant Executive Director at Disability Options Network