It Starts with the Right Question


Every day, companies and teams spend their valuable time, money, and talent driving initiatives, creating products, and providing services to solve problems their users don’t have.

Are you solving the right problem?

My name is Jason Spector. I am an accomplished experience design leader who has spent my career articulating vision, building inspired teams, and executing outcome-driven products. I can help you ask the right questions, develop an actionable strategy, and create products/services that solve the right problems for your customers and your organization.


Organizational Leadership

No person is an island and no effective team works in a silo. As a leader, I foster key partnerships with teams, stakeholders, and executives to achieve common goals, provide thought leadership, and drive maturity. I have successfully established design departments and built user experience teams by attracting, recruiting, and developing exceptional talent in an open and collaborative environment.

Experience Strategy

Customers experience your company, not just a product or service. To provide an exceptional and cohesive experience, you need a shared understanding of your users, a common vision, and core design principles. I have led these broad initiatives in several organizations with extensive customer research, cross-functional collaboration, and company-wide education including the methods and best practices that drive meaningful outcomes.

outcome-Driven Design

Results matter. Outcomes are more than improving a product’s experience. The true value is how these improvements benefit your users, clients, and company. I create products to solve specific needs and achieve measurable outcomes. For example, reducing training time so new employees can begin work faster or streamlining workflows so clinicians can spend more time with patients. These are tangible results that matter.

It’s about more than a pretty interface.


Significant thought and hard work go into the research, definition, design, and validation of every solution. And when it’s done right, it is undetectable to the user. Below are some examples of my work and process. Please contact me if you'd like to discuss how we could work together on your project.

Trauma 2.jpg
Ambulatory 2.jpg

Product Portfolio

After establishing teams, design systems, processes, and platforms, our job is to create products that solve real problems for real people. In this section, explore some of my work from various industries including healthcare and government.


Platform 1.jpg
Platform 2.jpg

Operational Workflow Platform and Living Design System

One of the significant, but often overlooked challenges facing organizations and their customers is a disparate suite of products with inconsistent layout, meaning, interaction, and approach to common tasks. To address this, many companies jump into creating a platform and design system, which brings its own set of challenges and may not solve their users’ or business needs. For this platform initiative, our question was, "How do we ensure a cohesive experience across an expansive platform of operational and analytics solutions?”


Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 10.40.41 PM.png

Organizational Strategy and Process

Building an effective team is more than filling slots. Creating an adaptable process is more than connecting boxes and arrows. Each team role and each process step has a purpose and actively contributes to the successful delivery of the product. What are the required skills and experience? What information is needed? What tasks are they needed to complete? Learn how I approached building my teams and establishing processes to drive our solutions.


A few words from my colleagues.


We all like positive feedback and I’m no different. That said, I’m truly humbled and appreciative for the kind words I’ve received over the years. Read more testimonials and explore my professional work history below.


Jason is a man of integrity and dedication to his craft; never resorting to micromanagement, and never (ever) failing to champion the end-user.
— Thomas, Senior Experience Designer
Jason is very strategic in his approach and is always thinking further down the road than almost anyone else so as to ensure the best path forward is taken.
— Mark, Product Manager