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What Others Say


Jason gets it. He’s a strong advocate for design, and he’s able to speak to its value. Jason has a broad view of the landscape of user experience design, and he sees patterns and principles clearly. He values doing things right, and he has an uncommon level of respect for his coworkers’ time and talents. Jason is both open‑minded and discerning at the same time. He’s a great guy to have on your side. Recommended!

Anthony Levin‑Decanini
Lead UX Designer at Retrofit, Inc.
It is a pleasure to work with Jason. He is a hardworking, resourceful strategist and patient, knowledgeable mentor. Jason was invaluable to me as I transitioned from copywriter to experience designer, revealing new ways to marry content writing with sound CX design. Jason is a true believer in results-driven design thought. Determined and honest, Jason would be a great asset to any company and the people working with him.

Michael Robinson
Experience Designer, Red Privet LLC
First I just wanted to thank Jason for jumping on a plane and spending two days on site. This was EXTREMELY beneficial as his knowledge, approach and interaction with Retail Convergence was exactly what was needed. He was able to offer great insight and guidance as well as “stir” up both teams to have more interactive/iterative sessions which was exactly what the client wanted. They commented that Jason was able to bring a ‘global’ perspective to the sessions. Jason, I hope you do not mind me highlighting you, but it was very helpful and the client was appreciative.

Brian Bednarek
CEO, Founder of MESH01 Inc.
We brought Jason in as a Subject Matter Expert for a set of courses on User Experience design. Jason worked extremely well with our entire team on everything from initial development of how the courses would flow together, through development of key topics and objectives for each of the courses, to overall design of course assignments and creation of interactive learning material. I worked directly with Jason on one of these courses, and he came up with a number of innovative ideas we employed for engaging the students in the development and presentation of their own UI designs. Jason was an excellent addition to our team and helped us develop courses that will provide students with extremely valuable skills as they embark on careers in Software Engineering. If we ever have need for a GUI or User Experience expert again, Jason is the first person I’ll contact, and I recommend him without hesitation.

Joshua Bleier
Curriculum Developer at Laureate Higher Education Group
Jason is an excellent designer with a detailed understanding of user experience design. In addition to design skills, Jason is proficient in the technical side of web design, allowing him to play a much more active role in the realization of web applications than many of his contemporaries. I hope to work with Jason on many more projects in the future.

Constantine Aaron Cois
Software Development Team Lead, Digital Investigations and Intelligence at Software Engineering Institute
Jason was brought into the project I was working on with a small team late in its life cycle. He was able to ramp up and be a productive member of the team within days and was making large scale improvements to a fully developed, but largely undocumented, user interface. He worked very well with the team from an integration standpoint, easily working around other front-end changes and refactorings toward the end of the development phase. Jason is also a very effective communicator and was definitely a positive addition to the team.

Tim Palko
Senior Software Engineer, CERT
I have worked with Jason on multiple projects throughout the last few years and have been impressed by his high quality and quick turnaround on important and time critical projects. He also spent many hours perfecting and tweaking the look and feel of our websites, making the underlying code cleaner while making the end user’s experience pleasant. I would recommend Jason for any user-centric application design and development one may have, as you will not be disappointed.

Zak Nixon
Vice President at Terra Intel
Jason is a smart, resourceful, creative thinker who is always on the leading edge of online applications, usability and front-end development. Whether it’s crowd sourcing or web design or social media, Jason is a dynamic, nimble and forward-thinking practitioner. He’s got an terrifically developed sense of design and content creation, as well as all of the tools at his fingertips to create them. Additionally, Jason has the kind of confidence, leadership and commitment to excellence that I’m confident will serve him well in his future career positions.”

Alan Lopuszynski
Director of Marketing at alpscontrols.com
Jason is a very knowledgeable and inspiring person to work with. In our time together, I always could learn something new or gain a perspective I hadn’t considered from him. At the same time, he was very open to my perspective and ideas. He was a great team player and worked well within our group. His creative insight and design knowledge are top notch. I thoroughly recommend Jason and his work.

Bob Stoner
Assistant Executive Director at Disability Options Network,
Board of Directors at Lawrence County Historical Society
Jason is an extremely talented web designer with a strength for developing new and creative ideas. I would highly recommend Jason and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

Lesley Battalini
Manager, Global Digital Marketing Strategy and Programs at Thermo Fisher Scientific
You did an amazing job!!!!

Jennifer Kropko
Executive Producer at Playdom, Disney Interactive Media Group
In reference to AIM Expressions
If you would like to discuss your current experience design needs or request my full resume and portfolio, contact me.