Jason Spector | About Me
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Who I Am

About Me


Strategic Leadership

Creative Direction

Estimation & Planning

Research and Analysis

Personas & Scenarios

Information Architecture

Design & Layout / Prototyping

Usability Validation & Metrics


How do you describe what you do when asked “So, what do you do?”?

“I design experiences.” This answer usually sparks a follow up question or two and leads to a conversation of interesting moments. I’ve found that people better understand user experience when it’s part of their stories and environment. So if the person asking me has a smartphone in their hand, I’ll discuss their experiences with different mobile apps (enjoyment, ease of use, frustrations) … and then their light bulb turns on.


 What fascinates you most about what you do?

I thoroughly enjoy the exploration of human behavior – how people interact with their world and how the world interacts with them. I also find it fascinating how technology influences the human experience and vice versa. But I what I love the most is after all the discovery and all the hard work that goes into designing a quality experience, the satisfying “a-ha” moment people get when what I’ve created has made their day a bit easier and more enjoyable.


What is your definition of “good design”?

Good design is simple and focused. Good design motivates, informs and inspires. Good design has purpose and gets out of the way to allow that purpose to be achieved. Good design is hard work to make it look easy.


Is there anything that you’ve been “known for” on past teams you’ve worked on?

I’ve always been a strong advocate for the user and for design, which I was known to bring into all areas of an organization with energy, focus and a strong sense of humor. It also wouldn’t be surprising to hear a few quality movie quotes regularly sneak into our collaborative discussions and brainstorming sessions.


If you can have lunch with anyone living or dead, who would it be and why?

Tex Avery and Chuck Jones. Even though their approach to animation was different from each other, their insight into character development, personality, environment, and cause & effect was unmatched. The potential energy and genuine humor at that lunch table would be incredible and I’d relish every minute of it.


How do you spend your free time?

I spend as much time as possible with my wonderful (and equally creative) wife and three kids, plus the latest addition to our family, our energetic 70lb black lab. We draw, build Legos, hike, laugh and as I mentioned above, watch cartoons. Did I mention laughing?

If you would like to discuss your current experience design needs or request my full resume and portfolio, contact me.